Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Road trips, shopping, or at work? Take Classical music along

Here in Lincoln, NET Radio provides everyone with a chance to hear hours of Classical music each day. Customers at many of Lincoln's businesses who hear Classical music over the PA system are listening to KUCV 91.1, some may tune in on their computers at work, and many people tune in while in their cars. NET Radio provides Lincoln and many areas throughout Nebraska with Classical music as a background to any day.

Local hosts include William Stibor who hosts Morning Concert during the weekdays, Graham House follows with Midday, and Afternoon Concert is hosted by Lora Black. All of those hours are filled with Classical music from all periods and composers. Listeners can learn a little bit about each piece through the information shared by these announcers. They might tell the history of that particular piece or an interesting aspect of the composer's life.

Besides the familiar, local voices of William Stibor, Lora Black, and Graham House who announce and give some description of the many pieces heard throughout the day, Lincoln listeners may hear national programs on week night evenings such as From the Top, Performance Today, as well as Millenium of Music and Thistle and Shamrock on weekends. One of those shows, From the Top features children and teenagers who are prodigies on their respective instruments; it is fascinating to hear their stories and the performances that they give. There are also shows highlighting Big Band music and Jazz.

On Sundays, a local show, Nebraska Concerts, features concerts given in Nebraska or by Nebraskans. Featuring music by local Symphony Orchestras, the Chiara String Quartet, Dulces Voces, and UNL faculty.

Whether you’re looking for something different than Pop, Rock, or Country, you want to learn something new about music, or want to broaden the number of pieces you are familiar with, NET Radio, KUCV 91.1 in Lincoln, has a wide variety of programs and pieces for you to enjoy. So the next time you’re in the car, tune that radio to 91.1 and enjoy what Classical radio has to offer.