Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adrienne Wiley on Nebraska, repertoire, and one-handed music

Dr. Adrienne Wiley currently teaches at Central Michigan University, but her visit to Nebraska to talk to the members of LMTA should be no surprise. Dr. Wiley is no stranger to Nebraska: "My husband and I lived in Nebraska for 9 years," she shared with LincolnCMN, "I taught at Hastings College in the music department, and we both taught piano privately."

It was during her time in Hastings that Dr. Wiley became active in the Nebraska Music Teachers Association (NMTA) and served in many capacities on the NMTA Board:
"I had the pleasure of getting to know many of the teachers throughout the state, especially in Lincoln and Omaha, and have kept in touch throughout the years in various ways (conferences usually--we run into each other there!). I love the Lincoln and Omaha areas and I do think the teachers are doing a super job of teaching their students. Plus, they, the teachers, are just incredibly wonderful people."
Following a visit to Omaha last spring, a contact from the Lincoln area asked Dr. Wiley to visit Lincoln in 2013 and talk about sequencing and pacing of classical literature--one of her specialties. In her talk, Dr. Wiley will take the teacher through steps on what literature would be good at certain points and "how to 'build' a student from the ground up." Dr. Wiley hopes that "everyone will enjoy the repertoire and benefit from that." And, she added, hopefully they'll be "having some fun."

Another specialty of Dr. Wiley's, although not the topic of her visit to Lincoln this time, is one-handed piano music.
"My passion about and for one-handed music began as a grad student: I suffered an injury, temporary, and started to play the literature for the left-hand. Since that time, I have continued to play this literature, for the left and right hands alone, and given workshops, lecture recitals, and write articles."
On this particular area and love, Dr. Wiley says she could "ramble on forever"--perhaps it will be the topic of another talk and visit to Lincoln in the future!

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