Friday, May 4, 2018

Shirley Harrison to perform Balakirev and more

A few years ago, Shirley Harrison gave a wonderful recital featuring many of Balakirev's piano works. But now, she returns with a new program! On May 12, at 2:00pm at the Fellowship Community Church (86th and Holdrege), Harrison will perform once again with works that will once more require virtuosic feats.
Works of Mily Balakirev will be featured
on May 12, 2:00pm performance

The program includes Balakirev but branches out to include Chopin, Liszt, and American composer, John Alden Carpenter.  Not only do the composers and their music come from all over the world and different countries, but two pieces in particular will give the audience a feeling of traveling and adventure: Tango Americaine by Carpenter and the Spanish Serenade by Balakirev.

The finale will be sure to wow (as each piece on the program is designed to do, in fact!) as Harrison plans to close with Balakirev's Scherzo.

Lovers of music, students of piano, and anyone looking to hear and see the exciting and virtuosic works of the piano--this is a not to be missed performance!