Friday, February 25, 2011

Classical music's relevance and life today

Since at least the 1970's, some have believed that Classical music is dead. This impression of lifelessness is due to the changes of culture and world. No longer is Classical music at the pinnacle of all musical forms. Instead of being the very definition of “Music” as it was in the 1600s-1800s, the Classical genre of music is but one of many such as pop, hip-hop, rock, etc. But it is still very much alive.
In the world of art music composers today, a shift has taken place wherein techniques, instruments, rhythms, and harmonies of popular music are borrowed and employed to attract or get a reaction (whether positive or negative) from their audiences. Music is now free. “Music” does not have to be Classical, it includes all forms of pop music and classical. People are free to explore, create, and express their strong opinions about Music—in whatever form they choose to experience it.

If young people caught up in listening to music all the time on iPods and radios could lose their fear of the “canon” and accept Classical music as another genre to enjoy along with the rest of their music, everyone of them would discover something relevant or riveting to them personally because Classical music is one of many genres and people can have the chance to experience it without feeling Classical music’s former stuffiness. That is—if Classical musicians take advantage of “something new” happening!

Classical music is alive—and therefore changing! In Lincoln, perhaps that something new can come as the Chiara String Quartet advocates by doing outreach with “chamber music in any chamber.” There is so much yet to come in the life of Classical music.

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