Friday, September 2, 2011

MUSIC Endowment kick-off

The Governor's Mansion was the gathering site of Lincoln Music Teachers and friends on Wednesday, August 31, for the kick-off fundraiser for the MUSIC Endowment. The MUSIC Endowment allows the Lincoln community to be a part of providing music lessons to children in financial need. Details on how to give can be found in this article.
Introductions and ice-breakers included a delightful game of singing and guessing the melody and were followed shortly by a lovely lunch catered in the lower level of the mansion. The atmosphere was delightful, surrounded by Nebraskan history and art. Dr. Valerie Cisler of University of Nebraska at Kearney gave a thought-provoking talk about "Music Mastery = Motivation."

Following lunch, LMTA Treasurer, Jessica Freeman, thanked those who have contributed already to the MUSIC Endowment. "We have not quite met our goal, so please keep spreading the word!" All the contributors present who have helped start the MUSIC Endowment were awarded with a certificate thanking them for being "Charter Members" of the MUSIC Endowment.

Although the kick-off meeting has passed, it is not too late to contribute. The MUSIC Endowment will provide funding to the LMTA Music Outreach Program for years to come.

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