Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bill Cosby live in Lincoln

First published October 4, 2011

William H. Cosby, Jr., better known and loved as Bill Cosby, will be in Lincoln on Friday, October 7th to open the Lied Center for Performing Arts' 2011-2012 season. Lincoln audiences, like people from all over the country, fondly remember growing up and raising families with Bill Cosby's shows always brining a smile to the home. For years, he has brought the American Dream to television audiences everywhere.
From his first appearance on network television with his role in "I SPY" in 1965 to the "Cosby Show" in the 1980s and "Cosby" in the 1990s, Bill Cosby was a familiar face in everyone's home. Nearly three generations of children have or are growing up laughing at his funny faces. Parents can relate to the parenting joys and woes of Cliff and Claire Huxtable.
Bill Cosby has won numerous television and comedy awards from Emmy's, Grammy's, Kennedy Center Honor's, and People's Choice Awards. He has written several wonderful books filled with humorous insights. His new book,I Didn't Choose to be Born (But I'm Glad I Was), is set for release on November 1, 2011.
The Lied Center made a good call when they invited Cosby to perform in Lincoln. Tickets were sold out almost before they became available. Bill Cosby is sure to be a hit with the Lincoln audience who will give him a warm welcome.

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