Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chiara String Quartet: ‘Chamber music in any chamber’

The members of the Chiara String Quartet all studied at Juilliard individually, but also as an ensemble when they were recipients of the Lisa Arnhold Quartet Residency from 2003-2005. Since 2005, they have been artists-in-residence at Lincoln’s own University of Nebraska, School of Music. As artists-in-residence, the Chiara has the opportunity to work with the college students at UNL, coaching string players as well as chamber groups.

The students who have the privilege of working with the Chiara one on one are inspired by the passion Becca, Julie, Greg, and Jonah have for Classical music. By sharing their talent and passion for chamber music, these dedicated musicians are helping to ensure that Classical music’s life continues to flourish in the next generation.
Another way that the quartet helps Classical music find its niche and life in today’s world is by bringing chamber music into any chamber. In the past year, they’ve played at the Red 9, here in Lincoln,and other bars around the country. Classical music is not only for the sophisticated or elite taste of concert-goers, but can be enjoyed by all. Find the passion and beauty of music wherever you are comfortable.
Keep an eye on the upcoming events when the Chiara String Quartet will be playing by following them at their website, their facebook page.

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