Sunday, March 13, 2011

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Preparing young people for a future in music

Why are young people choosing to be Music majors? There are roughly 300 undergraduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Music and Dance, who are studying various aspects of music. There are people majoring in instruments such as piano, voice, violin, cello, clarinet, percussion, or trumpet or studying Music Education, Music Theory, or Music History. Choral directors are busy directing full choirs of young musicians, and there are numerous ensembles such as Jazz Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and, of course, the Symphony Orchestra.
Music majors need to have a love for music, but this should not be the only reason for choosing to be Music majors. In choosing to study music at a higher level, a young musician must want to develop a better understanding of music and to prepare himself or herself for a future in music.

Some Music majors are drawn to the fact that music can touch the lives of so many people. Also, because music is a joy to those who love it and because majoring in music provides the opportunity to share joy through performance or teaching, it should be no surprise that people are drawn to this field of study.

Through music history, students find amazement at the development of music and learn how to better their performances of pieces from various stages in history. Learning new things about music is always like an exciting discovery. Great discoveries in Music Theory occur when students learn the background and science that goes into making beautiful music. It is easy to be in awe of Bach’s music when they learn the intricacies of his compositions. Besides the excitement and amazement to be had from studying history and theory, each aspect of what the students learn in music will be useful for their futures.

As Music majors, students improve as musicians and become better prepared to use music after graduation. Whether their interest lies in being able to perform or to teach, they will be able to share their love of music.

If you know a young person who loves music or who is thinking of majoring in Music, encourage them to look into the UNL School of Music for a great education, wonderful teachers, a multitude of opportunities to perform, many friends, and a future of sharing the music that they love.

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